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Over the past few months, the question I’ve been most consistently asked is: what will happen with Donald Trump. It’s an interesting question and since it turns out there’s quite a bit of agitation taking place right now in the Donald’s chart, I’m willing to give it a shot. I’ll preface my thoughts by saying that given the degree of emotion behind these requests; nobody – pro or anti Trump – is going to be walking away from this feeling satisfied. Reader beware!

First things first: if you haven’t already, please read my brief analysis of Trump’s chart from several years ago. If nothing else, it will give you an idea of my thinking around his horoscope. In addition, let me quickly explain what you’re looking at. The accompanying image shows two charts. The inner one is Trump’s natal chart, the chart for the moment of his birth. The outer chart is what’s called the “solar return” for the current year. Basically, we bring the 2017 Sun back to exact conjunction with Trump’s natal chart and cast it as a stand-alone chart. So we’re essentially looking at how the chart for 2017 reflects, amplifies or inhibits his birth chart.

Trump Natal_Solar Return.jpg

With that out of the way, here’s what I see. If I were Trumps astrologer, my biggest concern would be Saturn (with the red square around it) at the bottom of the chart. Saturn, which is often called “the great malefic”, tends to bring severity, difficulty and challenges when it lands on another planet. And does this Saturn ever land! It is almost exactly conjunct the Moon and opposite the Sun in Trump’s chart (red line extending from Saturn). For obvious reasons, the Sun and Moon are key players in a chart; they are the “royal couple” so to speak, male and female, the apparent and the hidden, etc. Saturn lands on both and, by transit, will remain stationed there for almost two months. No need to beat around the bush: extreme hardship. And, given the fact that Saturn rules Trump’s 6th house (health, servants) and 7th house (open enemies), we can expect these hardships to either involve enemies – of which he seems to have legion – or his health.

Adding to Trump’s difficulties is the placement of Trump’s “part of despair” at 17 degrees of Capricorn (this is marked by the other red line in the chart). His part of despair is almost exactly conjunct Pluto – a nasty, disruptive influence – and his midheaven, or in plain terms, his job. What does this boil down to: lots and lots of stress on Trump over the next few months, with a possible consequence to his job and/or his health.

The Saturn influence continues through what is called the “part of captivity” conjunct the fixed star, Vindemiatrix., a thoroughly nasty placement that is described in the literature as giving falsity, disgrace, stealing and wanton folly. (This is actually through the antiscia of the part of Saturn for you astrology buffs.)

All that said: do I think he’ll quit or get impeached? Astrologically, I don’t see that clearly evident. I do think there’s a LOT of pressure on him But I would also point out that Trump has a great deal of good luck. It’s in his natal chart and it’s in his solar return chart, with fortunate Jupiter right on his ascendant.

On the other hand, keep in mind, that while the Saturn transit will be in place for a couple of months, the Saturn of the solar return chart is in operation for the entire year. So it’s not like it’s all over by October. What’s going to happen? Like the blind man said: we shall see.


Vice and Virtue. Long ago, people used these words to describe the flaws and strengths, the good and bad qualities of those around them. But times change, and the words Vice and Virtue have largely fallen out of favor, which is probably a good thing. They still have a use, however, and we can use astrology to figure out what that use might be.

The fastest way to do that is by taking a look what used to be called The Seven Sins and the Seven Virtues. Here’s what it looks like:

Planet:                 Virtue                        Vice

Sun                        Faith                        Pride

Moon                    Hope                        Greed

Mercury                Prudence                Envy

Venus                   Charity                     Lust

Mars                     Courage                   Wrath

Jupiter                  Temperance           Gluttony

Saturn                   Justice                      Sloth

Before I start, it’s important to put aside the religious connotation of these terms. Most of us have indulged in a fair amount of vice during our lives, so there’s no reason to rain on anybody else’s parade. What’s useful here is to look at the planets as symbolizing potentials – both good and bad potentials. For instance, at its best, Mars will symbolize courage, fortitude, right action; at its worst, we will see anger, vengence, cruelty, and so on. In a chart, those qualities are expressed through the sign of Mars, as well as its position and its relationship to other planets. We all know people in whom anger is a chief characteristic; it has, almost in a literal sense, captured the person’s personality.

In a natal chart, we will see this in different ways. For instance, here’s Sylvia Plath’s chart:

Sylvia Plath

Mars (in hot Leo) squared to Mercury (in deep Scorpio): the mind and tongue will be sharp, cutting, there will be impatience, nervous tension.

Or go back to Donald Trump’s chart from last week.

Donald Trump

Mars (again in Leo) right on the Ascendant. He’ll force himself (Mars) into the world in a dramatic (Leo) style. Both Mars and Leo are hot and dry in their qualities. What is Trump best known for? Telling people that they’re fired!

Now here’s the interesting part. If there was no free will, we would be prisoners of our nature, but we are not. The chart indicates the potential but not the outcome. Energy and qualities – which is what the planets are – can be re-directed, reformed if you will, when you see them clearly within yourself. Because, while it can be very gratifying to occasionally indulge in our vices, it’s not a great long-term strategy. And that’s not because of some soppy religious idea of “it’s better to be virtuous”. It’s more that to indulge in the worst nature of our planets is to deny or block other opportunities, potentials and paths.




With his orange face, orange hair and smokin’  tagline – YOU’RE FIRED! – I wondered how much elemental fire we would actually find in the chart of “The Donald.” Turns out, there’s quite a bit, but also a great deal more, which is why we’re going to take a look at the natal chart of America’s most visible and ridiculous tycoon. Here’s the chart, followed by a quick read.

Donald Trump

If you’ve been reading the newsletter over the past couple of years, you’ll recall the importance of temperament. It is considered to be a permanent and largely unchangeable aspect of ourselves. The best description I’ve ever heard of it is also the simplest: temperament is the cloth from which we’re cut. Think of the essential difference between a silk skirt and a wool skirt. They have a different essence, a different materiality.

In Trump’s chart, the main temperament is choleric (hot & dry), thus: controlling, dictating, forceful. But there is a secondary temperament, which is sanguine (hot & wet), thus: persuasive, energetic, engaging.

While most of us associate Trump more with the choleric characteristics, it’s undeniable that he can talk up a storm. And it makes sense that there would be a sanguine side to a person who’s written a book called “The Art of the Deal”. Fact is, you can’t make a deal without being able to talk a good game.

Next, the Ascendant and its ruler. Here we see Leo rising. Leo: the lion, the king, royalty, the person who wants attention. And before we even look at the Ascendant ruler, which is the Sun, check out what’s right on the Ascendant: Mars, planet of war, of action (right side, marked with an exclamation point).  A critical placement – and one he shares with Beyonce – fiery Mars right on fiery Ascendant suggests someone who burns with a lot of passion.

Moving to the Sun (ruler of the Ascendant and marked at the top of the chart) and the Moon in Sagittarius (another fire sign, marked at the bottom of the chart), we have a combination that suggests a drive to be influential, to make their opinions and ideas known.

Strongest planet in the chart? Without a doubt, it’s Mars, whose placement on the Ascendant gives it a lot of force and suggests someone who is ready for a challenge. But that Ascendant becomes even more important and powerful when we realize it is conjunct the fixed star, Regulus.  What does Regulus symbolize? Named by Copernicus (yes, that old guy Copernicus!) it means “little king” and is associated with ambition. When well-aspected as it is, it will “raise the person to high positions in life and denotes successful activity, prominence and wealth”. Maybe it’s not surprise that when he was a kid, his brothers and sisters called Trump “the Great I Am”!