Alright, let’s have a little fun with astrology. As an astrologer, it’s often interesting to try guess a person’s Sun sign by their dress.  This can be complicated by the fact that the Moon sign and/or rising sign often run a close second as choices of dress. And then there’s the placement of Venus, of course, the planet symbolizing beauty and fashion. All that said, it can be remarkable how closely astrological types reveal themselves through color and accessories.  

All that said, it can be remarkable how closely astrological types reveal themselves through color and accessories. But, as I said above, not always because of how the planets fall in our individual charts. Here’s an exercise worth trying: if you’re an Aries who doesn’t like or wear red, try adding it to your wardrobe, either as a bracelet, a scarf, but in some small way. The idea is to use the colors to bring out other qualities in yourself, the ones that are hidden or that you’re having trouble expressing. Enjoy!

Aries: Red, of course, is a natural color for Aries and you’ll often see it turn up in an accessory.  As it rules the head, Aries sometimes inclines towards hats or scarves. Aries can be bold, even blunt if there’s a lot of Aries in the chart, or if there’s a strong Mars. If the chart is less fiery, the flair will be more understated, more of an accent.

Taurus: Much like the sign itself, Taureans like clothing that is comfortable. Earth colors often predominate here and the look is very put-together. Look for materials that have a strong tactile quality like wools or corduroy. As Taurus rules the throat, necklaces, chokers and so on can be prominent.

Gemini: There can be a lot of variety here and some great creative mismatching of styles. The closet is filled with a lot of different things, reflecting the Gemini impulse for versatility. Hands are ruled by this sign, so you might see a lot of rings or bracelets.

Cancer: Soft colors are often used by Cancerians, particularly white or silver.  There can be an ethereal quality to their dress, often through the use of vintage clothing. Nothing real harsh or suprising, unless the chart indicates it through something like a well-placed Venus in Aquarius. You’ll see very comfortable fabrics such as flannel or velour.

Leo: Look for some drama here, something that makes an impact. Closets may be filled as well the jewelry boxes. Leos like to stand out, so you’ll probably see some gold.  In the extreme cases, the hair is like a mane – you know, like lions.

Virgo: Like Taurus, the outfits are often very “put together,” with strong attention to detail. Nothing real flashy, rather the clothing will be more tailored, a bit conservative, often with an emphasis on the color blue. More classic, than faddish.

Libra: Strong fashion instincts here. Librans are aware of the latest trends and know how to use them in a way that is tasteful and stylish without screaming ‘I’m wearing the latest.’  Very tasteful with jewelry, knows how to accent almost anything.

Scorpio: There’s a lot of imagination here, but the range of colors is typically small.  Black is often used, but it’s not a depressive black, more of a mysterious, suggestive one that hints at sensuality, if you know what I mean. One Scorpion client wears nothing but black jeans, but is always changing the tops in interesting ways.

Sagittarius: Their independence often shows up in their dress, which is casual and may include a lot of jeans. You sometimes see purple here as well as orange or yellow. The emphasis is on comfort but the look is fresh.

Capricorn: Muted colors – tan, grey, dark blue – are often present and the clothing is pretty classic. There’s a certain formality to Capricorn’s dress even when the look is casual. Nothing funky or garish here.

Aquarius: Typically very original and fashion-conscious. Something stylish and unique in the way of dressing that is more cool than quirky. The true Aquarius has a gift for putting outfits together that nobody else would think of but look perfectly natural on them.

Pisces: On women, you’ll generally see more skirts than pants and you’ll notice that shoes play a key role. In their clothing and jewelry, the colors and hues of the ocean are often giveaways. Once again with a watery sign, there can be an ethereal quality to the fashion, delicate and romantic.