Super Moon

The first night of the New Year not only begins with a New Moon in Capricorn – but a Super Moon, meaning that it’s closest to the earth in its orbit. The chart below is set for Manila at the exact moment of the conjunction, the marriage, between the Sun & Moon. Let me make a few comments about the chart overall, and then a quick look at the signs.

With all those planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto – in the 6th house, we can expect a focus on day-to-day life: your habits, your health, the service you give to others. As the sign on cusp is Capricorn, an earth sign, the approach should be practical, “down-to-earth” and practical. The focus is on family and others, but there’s great tension here as well as all those planets are in conflict with Mars and Uranus. How do you find yourself if you’re giving too much to others. What about your own individual needs? How do you balance those needs?

New Moon Jan 2014

Very briefly, let’s look at the signs for the week:

Aries: Take your experiences and use them as a foundation. Suffering and joy won’t have meaning if you can’t transform them into a ladder for your growth.

Taurus: New experiences are good but don’t forget to embrace the routines that keep you and those around you stable and nurtured.

Gemini: Don’t judge your friends to harshly right now. Remember that you may not be seeing the whole picture of what they’re going through.

Cancer: Your intuition is both friend and foe. Too much caring may leave you feeling exhausted. Take time to renew yourself.

Leo: Remember when you were young and life felt like an adventure? Aim to recapture that spirit this week.

Virgo: Don’t get too caught up in your possessions. Of course you should take care of what you have but remember that your most valuable possession is your Self!

Libra: Since you can see many sides of situations, you have the ability to keep those around you in balance. But don’t forget your own needs!

Scorpio: Family secrets can be a burden if they’re buried too deeply. Be willing to look at how family life has shaped you, both good and bad.

Sagittarius: Don’t be afraid to develop your self-expression and that can mean both creatively and sexually. Life is an exploration of possibilities: be bold but be disciplined.

Capricorn: So many ideas and emotions right now, it’s hard to know how to go forward. Be very careful through this period as there is a lot of tension in your heart.

Aquarius: Others may have trouble understanding you and it’s because you have difficulty revealing yourself. But which Self are you willing to reveal?

Pisces: Be clear about what belongs to you and what belongs others. Pisces will sometimes give up too much for too little. Be generous, but take what you need.

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