Epic tales, sagas, yarns: narratives are nearly as old as humanity, but what’s interesting is that despite massive cultural and technological changes over many centuries, the hunger and popularity of such stories remains undiminished. At this point, so much has been written about the importance of narratives that there seems like little to add. I will, however, share an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while and of course it concerns astrology.

While all of us typically like or dislike one character or group of characters, it seems to me that on some level ALL the characters of these stories are within us.  Whether it’s a wise king or a weak king, a righteous warrior or a cowardly one, the clever brother or a dull-witted one, all these characters are symbolic of qualities within us. Narratives dramatize those qualities and the better the dramatization the greater our involvement. If you take the seven traditional planets – Sun through Saturn – you can apply a few simple adjectives and create a fantasy world of your own:

Sun: Leadership (strong or weak) The King

Moon: Emotion (deep or shallow) The Queen

Mercury: Wisdom or Cunning The Scribe

Venus: Beauty or Avarice The Young Woman

Mars: Courage, Cruelty or Cowardice The Young Man

Jupiter: Discovery, Journey The Judge, The Diplomat

Saturn: Strategy, Control The Priest, The Parent

Now, the moment we start putting these planets in signs, things get interesting and much more interesting. If we place Mars (the Warrior) in Aries it will produce “right action” while Mars in Libra might produce indecision OR a willingness to put away the sword and negotiate. And you can do this with all 7 planets in all 12 signs to create a very nuanced and complicated world. Much like the one we live in every day.

But to finish my idea: the appeal of these series is that on some level all the characters are within us:  the good and the bad, the noble and the shifty, the cruel and the kind. And they all exist in us as uneasily as they do in the characters of the narratives that we love.

As a tiny example, take Adam in the HBO series, “Girls”. Has there ever been a more Mars-like character in a contemporary show? Adam can be direct, unfiltered, raw and noble – sometimes in a span of two or three minutes. Mars in action!