Imagine a city filled with powerful women and men. Every day they wake up, ride through the streets in black limousines and gather together to make decisions that affect millions, even billions of human beings. As these power brokers stride  through marble hallways, they are surrounded, surrounded in the most unexpected places by astrological symbols. Is the city described above from a fairy tale? No, it’s Washington, DC.

Of course, readers of Dan Brown mysteries will be familiar with this idea of secret symbols all over the city, but in this book, “The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital,” David Ovason takes the matter much further. At heart, his theory is that the city’s federal triangle – the Washington Monument, the Capitol and the White House – were built to align three prominent fixed stars: Regulus, Spica and Arcturus. Why the emphasis on fixed stars? The idea is that the power of these stars – and Spica, particularly so – will pour down their beneficial effects when strategically placed in a chart such as this.

In addition, the timing for the placement of the corner stones for these buildings consistently use the sign of Virgo as a theme, but for what reason? Ovason claims that the men who made these decisions about the timing – most of them initiates of the secret order of Masonry – wished to take advantage of Virgo’s associations with purity and redemption. The sheaf of wheat that we see associated with Virgo symbolizes abundance and the Bread of Life. According to the author there are over 20 zodiacs in government buildings around the city, and even more can be found in meetings rooms, stairways, interiors and so on.

Great Hall


Ovason’s book is more than 500 pages long, readable but also dense with references to traditional astrology, secret societies and the like. For our purposes, let’s take at one idea: the importance of Virgo (and hence the fixed star Spica in the chart). Below are the three charts for the buildings in question: Capitol, White House and Washington Monument. To make it easier, I’ve placed these charts one inside the other.

Washington DC Virgo 

Where is Virgo? As you can see, by the notes that I’ve made, there is indeed a Virgo theme running through all three. Significantly, the planets involved are all on or very near Spica at 22 degrees. Starting from the city’s first marker here’s what we have:

1st chart: Virgo ascending with Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant  and Spica

2nd chart: Virgo on the 9th house with Moon and the North Node conjunct the cusp and Spica

3rd chart: Virgo on the 9th house with Sun on the cusp, close to Spica

So across the three charts we have Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, North Node, Ascendant and Midheaven all in Virgo, many of them close to the degree of Spica. Is it really deliberate? Were the Mason’s designing a “city on the hill” that would be a beacon to the world? Maybe and maybe not. I’m sure probability experts could argue that this emphasis on Virgo is not that improbable, that it could have just happened by accident. Yet it feels like more than just a coincidence. The cynical question would be: what good came of it, look at Washington DC today, which is home to rabid politicians, a bad basketfall franchise and my brother-in-law, (who’s a real piece of work). On the other hand, in less than 300 years this place rose from the soil to become one of the most powerful locations on the earth. And whether that’s coincidence or the power of Virgo and the fixed star Spica is up to each person to decide.