If you tried to imagine an antidote the high-flying excesses of “Sex in the City” you couldn’t come up with anything more perfect than the HBO series, “Girls”. Created by Lena Dunham, the show follows the lives and sexual adventures of 4 young women fumbling around with relationships, work and identity in New York City. Unlike “Sex in the City,” the show seems stripped of illusion and fantasy.By turns entertaining and nerve-wracking, “Girls” is pretty remarkable for being openly, even bluntly sexual and intimate in its portrayal.

At the age of 26, Dunham has a significant number of credentials under her belt. A long with “Girls,” she wrote, directed and starred in the indie favorite “Tiny Furniture” as well as a number of short films. Her book is reportedly being shopped around New York publishers for $3 million. Judging from both the show and the movie, Dunham has some core themes that she’s working with. So let’s take a quick look at the chart.

 Lena Dunham

Almost magically, we see the Moon in Cancer exactly on the Cancer Ascendant (circled on the left side). Highly fitting for a writer working on issues of feminity, nurturing and relating (all highly Cancerian themes). Even physically, Dunham has the round, dreamy face of a Moon child.


Her Moon connects directly to Jupiter, powerfully placed in Pisces at the midheaven (career, public visibility). In my practice, when I see Pisces strongly emphasized in a chart, it almost always leads to involvement in film, theater, music or something related to those arts. With Jupiter (reward, expansion) placed there, we see great potential, but is that Jupiter supported by other planets. In other words, the potential is there to rise up but do other energies in the chart contribute to this happening?

As a matter of fact: Yes. Jupiter is supported by contacts from the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mars Venus and Neptune. The chart overflows with creativity, one might even say, an obsession with it. But what stands out, is the connection of energies, of planets in good condition supporting and reinforcing each other. What most of us have to consciously work on doing, seems to be already set in place in this remarkable woman’s chart.