Back at the end of January and beginning of February, I had wanted to take a look at Beyonce’s chart – since we were reading a lot about her performances at Obama’s inauguration and the Super Bowl – but I never quite got it together.  But when I came across this extraordinary photo, I had to pull out my notes and just do it. The chart is below.


One way of approaching the chart – or of approaching your life, for that matter – is by answering the question: what is your “primary motivation”? It’s an old, old phrase but useful as a focusing mechanism. Of course, to some might appear to be a touch anachronistic, particularly in this time where everyone encouraged to have it all, whatever that actually means. But the concept of a Primary Motivation can be a powerful one, as it gives you a reference point for direction.

Looking at any chart, we start, not with the Sun sign, but with the rising sign, the Ascendant, as the indicator of the Primary Motivation. In Beyonce’s chart, that gives us the sign of Leo rising with the planet Mars close the cusp. Here the Primary Motivation is, or should, be for recognition and power, either positively or negatively. Why? Because those are the essential qualities of Leo.  To find out whether those qualities have the opportunity to express themselves is accomplished by looking at the rest of the chart. In this case, Mars is close to rising, which adds more force to the Primary Motivation, leading to a take charge approach.

To keep this manageable for the newsletter, we’ll skip the Sun and Moon, and go right to the group of planets that are bracketed at the bottom of the chart: in order, that’s Mercury, Saturn,  Jupiter, the Part of Fortune, Venus and Pluto all in Libra. This extraordinary group in Libra is an overwhelming projection of grace, beauty, artistic expression and so on. In fact, Venus is likely the most powerful planet in the chart: it rules Libra as well as the 10th house of career and profession, we can expect these Venus qualities (beauty, grace) to be powerfully projected. Which leads us back to the Primary Motivation. How is power and recognition found? Through Venus. What kind of Venus? A comfortable Venus that will always find a way to be in its own element (sign). What else? Venus is conjunct Jupiter: lots of beauty, excess, an overflow.

Very quickly, let’s go back to that photo. The date is Feb. 3, 2013, the day of the Super Bowl. Below is Beyonce’s harmonic chart for the beginning of the game.  What do we see: her Venus (marked on the right) EXACTLY in support of her Part of Fortune (marked at the top of the chart which is shown below).  That’s a good day for anybody.

Beyonce Harmonic