Why do people ask for astrology readings? On the most basic level, they’re  seeking to know themselves and astrology is one path to that goal. Through the placement of the planets – not just the Sun – the chart gives a glimpse of how our various needs combine or compete.

As a quick example, consider a person who’s contemplating a change in relationships. What they think (Mercury) may be at odds with what they feel (Moon) and what they desire (Venus). The action (Mars) that they ultimately take may or may not be in the best interests of their deeper Self (Sun).

What complicates “knowing yourself” is the fact that we’re not only complicated internally (as the example above attempts to illustrate) but we are all very much products of our culture and upbringing,  much more than most of us realize although there are plenty of published materials that provide insight into our behaviors.

In terms of the chart, what often happens is that one (or several) planets become overly emphasized for various reasons. When that happens, people “live” through those planets, but are often vaguely dissatisfied, unfulfilled, etc. Frequently, the Moon is the chosen planet to live through, for the simple reason that the Moon is a symbol of how we react to the world. That may be good or bad, depending on the Moon’s condition in the chart.

Below are a few keywords that summarize the Moon through the signs.

Moon in Aries: takes  initiative enthusiastically and forcefully. This is an “I can get it done” position.  The risk is that you can be impulsive, restless and unwilling to hear what others have to say.

Moon in Taurus: the Moon is exalted here and there is a strong drive for security and comfort. The risk is that you can be overly possessive and uncompromising.

Moon in Gemini: placed here, the Moon is adaptable and a little bit restless. Feelings can be changing constantly and there is a danger of confusing thinking with feeling when the Moon is positioned here.

Moon in Cancer: this is the Moon’s true home and there is a strong sense of nurturing here. There can also be challenges in letting go emotionally as boundaries can begin to dissolve with this placement.

Moon in Leo: there is a need for the limelight with this placement. As with all the fire signs, the demand for recognition and attention can be overwhelming.

Moon in Virgo: here the Moon is conscientious, observant and methodical. The range of emotions may be limited and there is a danger of being overly fussy or critical.

Moon in Libra: the Moon here is oriented to partnerships in general, and specifically to finding balance. Depending on its placement, the Moon here can make one too ready to please, indecisive and unable to assert their own needs.

Moon in Scorpio: this Moon can be very self-sufficient as well as deeply intuitive. There is a danger here of resentments held too long, criticism and brooding.

Moon in Sagittarius: this placement can bring a high degree of optimism and versatility. Broad-minded in the best send of the word. The risk is spreading yourself too thin and restlessness.

Moon in Capricorn: this is a difficult placement as the Moon can feel a little restricted in Capricorn. It is a position of strong determination and perseverance., but there is also a risk of self-doubt.

Moon in Aquarius: a strong sense of social placement, social concerns. Often has  innovative or unusual perceptions of the world. The challenge here can be areduced sense of empathy in individual relationships.

Moon in Pisces: can be dreamy and very sensitive. Tends to learn how to say “Me First” later in life. Great empathy, which has to be monitored as it can turn into victimization or withdrawal.