In ancient history, kings would consult with the court astrologer to find times that were favorable for certain activities such as attacking an enemy, getting married and so on. While that may sound like good work for an astrologer, it was potentially hazardous. Too many wrong predictions and you may find yourself in prison … or without a head depending on how far off your prediction was. Out of curiosity, I cast the chart last Friday for the National Rifle Association’s response to the shootings in Connecticut. While the speech itself has been largely derided as a craven display of irresponsibility and bad ideas, the symbolism of the chart is seemingly accurate. (Numbers in paranthesis below correspond to the numbers in the chart.)

First of all it’s important to note that LaPierre’s speech is exceedingly well-timed for the best exposure under the circumstances. It is the winter solstice, and the Sun is in zero degrees of Capricorn (1), a position of authority and a potent symbol of the group’s power. They are, quite literally, asserting their dominance in the issue. With the Moon in Aries (2), the group is ready to fight, to have their way and only their way; there will be no conciliatory gestures. In fact, among his statements was this: “Our society is populated by an unknown number of genuine monsters …”

4. NRA Speech









The symbolism of the chart increases when we look at the degree of the Midheaven (3), which is exactly conjunct the fixed star, Aculeus. As long-time readers may recall, the fixed stars are literally … stars, and its placement at a critical point in a chart suggests the star’s influence. This, by the way, is not some modern invention but a tradition that goes back about 2000 years ago in the development of astrology. What’s important to know is that stars have varying qualities – some are auspicious, some are exceedingly malevolent.

So, with Aculeus at the Midheaven we must look at the nature of that star and seek its meaning. Significantly, Aculeus is placed in the lethal sting of the Scorpion. It is also one of what are known as “the blind stars,” associated with blindness either physically, emotionally or psychologically. Placed at the point of the Scorpion’s tail, it suggests “one who attacks” – which is a good description of LaPierre’s speech. In addition, there is something of a negative outlook associated with the star, a tendency to see the worst, the most dangerous in all things. Which leads back to the headline of this article. Genuine monsters, indeed.