Jennifer Lopez

About halfway through a recent reading, a client asked: “Does the chart say anything about sex?”

And the answer is: yes, it does. The discussion around that topic, however, is a delicate one. My theory as to why, which is based on hundreds and hundreds of readings, is that a large majority of people tend to treat the issue in a compartmentalized way, which is a potential problem. In the chart, sex is considered a 5th house issue: pleasure. So we look at the sign on the cusp of the house and the planet ruling that house. But of course, since we need a partner to have sex, the 7th house – the partner – also has to be looked at. And even then, we’re not finished, because we need to know a little bit more about the individual, what they’re like, etc. – so we want to check on the Sun, Moon and the Ascendant. Complicated right? But how could it be otherwise?

Everyone is familiar with the fact that if you’re not doing well in your career, your relationships are likely to suffer. Or if you have a family member who is ill, it’s likely to pull energy away from your work. The obvious point is that everything is connected. Now, it’s certainly true that sex can be divorced from the rest of the personality, but for many, if not most of us that’s not how it works. I say that in spite of the fact that I occasionally have people tell me “I have to fix my sex life” as if they were saying “I have to fix my internet connection”.

But enough talk; let’s try locating sex in the chart. Given that she’s a personality who is credited with an abundance of sex appeal, and that some elements of her life a pretty much public knowledge, let’s take a look at the chart of Jennifer Lopez and see what we can gather.


Look at the left side of the chart, where the large exclamation point is sitting.  Lopez has Leo rising – dramatic force, attention seeking – and she has both her Sun and Mercury positioned there. There’s no astrologer who has ever lived who wouldn’t look at that and say: this person will demand a HUGE amount of attention. This is about as attention seeking as you can get.

So why start there, when I just previously mentioned that sex is a 5th house issue?  Because, in general, you can’t separate sex from the rest of the personality, and in Lopez’s case that is particularly true. When we look at the 5th house – which is circled in the lower right of the wheel – we three planets, Moon, Mars and Neptune – along with the Part of Fortune placed there. Darkly sexual Scorpio is on the cusp, and the Moon and Neptune are exactly conjoined, strongly suggesting a sense of fantasy, of experimentation, of control issues possibly placed around the sexuality. Mars, which rules Scorpio, is in expansive, adventurous Sagittarius.

She’s likely to be pretty bold in the bedroom. And the fact that Mars is making a very supportive contact with her Sun and Mercury, suggests that sexuality or at least the illusion (Neptune) of sexuality is a key component of her nature, of her path. And, finally, given the hyper Leo element, she is probably highly demanding and giving. But in any case, she won’t be ignored.