In last week’s newsletter, I discussed the potential long-term impact of the Uranus/Pluto square. And I promised to talk a little bit about strategies for coping with these tensions. It’s important to note that the Uranus/Pluto transit can affect people in a couple of ways, but first an explanation.

While all of us feel ourselves to be the center of the universe, the fact is that we are only the center of our own universe. We contain within us cycles of time, our own personal cycles reflected by the chart, but we are also part of many other larger cycles. This can be a hard concept to grasp, so let’s try an analogy. Take an ecosystem. The flora and fauna all have self-interest, so to speak, in surviving and propagating. But they are also critically dependent on the other living creatures around them, as well as local conditions such as the weather. They not only have cycles of their own, but they’re connected to the larger and smaller cycles around them. This is, of course, what is both beautiful and challenging about astrology. We carry a design within us, but that design is moving, changing. But we are also part of other, larger designs, that are also moving and changing.

So, the Uranus/Pluto square that I’ve been talking about over the past weeks has an impact on all of us. BUT, it may have a larger or smaller affect depending on how Uranus or Pluto are placed and what other planets are in aspect to them. Consider the natal chart of a client below:

The woman has Uranus in Cancer squared and opposed to the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn (all circled). If we project this chart against the current chart of Uranus/Pluto, we see the tensions of the natal chart picked up and highlighted. For this woman, the current configuration brings very significant tensions and potential chages because the Uranus, which is already charged in her chart, comes to a hard relationsip with itself and other planets in her natal chart. And, not surprisingly, she’s having a hard time.

So what can she do? The advice I give her, and I strongly believe in its value, is that we can choose to live mechanically or consciously. You can’t escape your chart, nor can you escape the cycles large and small that surround you – but you can actively and deliberately use such situations to develop yourself.