Last week’s newsletter forced me into a tough decision: write about Katie leaving Tom or examine the implications of the imminent discovery of the “God particle,” also known as Higgs Boson. Fortunately, it took less than a nanosecond for me to decide on Katie/Tom and here’s why.

While I was charmed by seeing a group of scientists get all giddy about the discovery of the God particle, I think their celebration is too early, or maybe too late. Too early, because I’m sure that somewhere down the road, future researchers will come up with some other particle that will become the “new” elementary widget that’s going to explain everything, including why Katie left Tom.

But really, it’s too late, because the issue cannot be decided in the manner that they’re seeking. To my mind, finding the God particle is like finding “the first brick” of the house you live in. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that the brick is going to tell you much about your life, your time, your time here and now in this place.  I wrote about Katie because in contrast to the God particle, I think she’s more significant in that her struggle to express her needs is illustrative of a struggle we all deal with, in one way or another, at one time or another, in our lives. The word “God” has become so charged and so tainted, it’s almost impossible to use. So in regard to the stars, let me put forward the idea in this manner: astrology is based on a foundation that there is meaning. No meaning, no astrology. That meaning is not given to us, but uncovered by us, like uncovering a pattern, through living. The chart helps show the pattern, the design, but it’s also part of a larger design, but to reach that larger design we all have to begin with the pattern that’s inside us.