Katie and Tom separating? Last week’s announcement was quite a shock. But now that I’ve recovered a little bit, I thought it would be interesting to look at the chart of Ms. Holmes for some clues, some indications, and some suggestions about what might be going on and why it might be going on now. Fortunately, we have reliable birth data for the actress, a native of Toledo, Ohio.

In the past, I have written a great deal about the importance of temperament. I won’t walk through the calculations here, but the indication is choleric (Sun, Moon and Ascendant all in fire signs.) This surprised me, as the story that has been spun largely revolves around Holmes being victimized in some manner – by the machinations of Cruise, Scientology, etc. But extreme cholerics are not usually victims, they’re more victimizers and if nothing else, usually have strong wills. And to some extent this certainly seems to be true of Holmes – who, according to Wikipedia, turned down a chance to audition for the show that eventually became Dawson’s Creek because it conflicted with her appearance in a college production of “Damn Yankees”.  Instead, she submitted her audition by videotape. All of which displays a pretty high degree of fiery self-assertion.

So the temperament is choleric. What else? With the Moon in Leo (look at me!) and the Sun in Sagittarius (the hunger for experience) we can expect the ego projection to be very strong. However, even at a casual glance, what also jumps out in the chart is that nearly all the planets are below the horizon line and grouped to the east. This is highly unusual, and carries with it a suggestion of self-defensiveness and perhaps a difficulty in self-definition.

In terms of aspects, with the Moon squaring both Venus and Uranus, we can anticipate emotional (Moon) problems that have an unusual or unpredictable (Uranus) quality to them. In fact, with the Moon ruling the 12th house (self-undoing, hidden enemies) and connected so tightly to the three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), there’s a distinct possibility that the actress’s path is to connect with and/or struggle against larger forces, of which Scientology would provide a good example.

Above is Holmes’ chart for 2012 superimposed against her birth chart. What’s remarkable here is how much the chart for the current year reflects her birth chart, with the Ascendant, Midheaven and Mercury all returning near to their natal positions. A return to herself?

The midpoint pictures for this year (beginning Dec 18, 2011) are eloquent in regards to what we’re seeing played out on the stage of public display. Here are the keywords:

Mars/Saturn: the clash of hot and cold, action and control

Mars=Sun/Mercury: argument , quarrel, fighting

Saturn=Mars/Ascendant: the inability to develop one’s potential capabilities; a dispute, a defeat

Pluto=Uranus/Ascendant: the use of force

Uranus=Moon/Midheaven: emotional crises

Jupiter=Saturn/Neptune: tendency to be easily upset, easily depressed; weight gain or loss

There’s more, of course. In the weeks to come, we’ll return to this chart to see what else can be discovered and how it aligns with what is published in the saga of Katie and Tom.