We can find our family and our partners, our work and our worth in a chart, so how about our friends? In astrology, friends are an 11th house issue. The sign on the 11th, any planets in the 11th house and whatever planet(s) rule the 11th house all give us information about our friends, about the nature of who they are and how we relate to them. As with anything else in our lives, this is often complicated. And why shouldn’t it be? Along with our families and partners, friends are a vital part of the web of relationships that form our lives. For some people, they take the place of family in regards to being a system of support and nurturing. “Friends are my estate,” wrote Emily Dickinson, and it is a sentiment that I hear frequently from people who come for readings. Not surprisingly, people have very different needs in terms of friends. Some of us want friends who are like ourselves, others like a large variety of friends which is in contrast to those who have a small, small group of friends. How does that work in the chart? Let’s grab a look at the chart of Oprah Winfrey and see what an examination of her 11th house of friends can tell us.


With Scorpio on the cusp of the 11th house (marked with a triangle) we immediately start thinking along the lines of privacy, intensity and perhaps a need for a deep love from her friends. And that’s pretty consistent with what we know about Winfrey. With Mars (ruling Scorpio) placed in the 11th, we can expect her to dynamically (Mars) attract others through the potential for a deep connection (Scorpio). The need for love is also picked up by Saturn also in Scorpio in the 11th, though here it becomes secretive, complicated and rather fiercely protective. Finally, a trine from Venus (in independent, eccentric Aquarius) to the 11th house gives a spirit of unconventionality. Despite the rigidity of Scorpio, there’s also a delight in the unusual regarding friends, something outside the mainstream that satisfies the cravings of the Self.