The question was simple and to the point: “I’ve just discovered that a long-time friend may have been keeping a secret from me. Can you provide some insight?”

With Virgo on the cusp of the 11th house, we have Mercury as the friend. In Pisces, Mercury is confused and not likely to be trustworthy; with it conjunct to Jupiter (expansion) we can say that Mercury is very confused. The client is Venus, just leaving Pisces, now in Aries, where it is impulsive and with a trine to Mars in Leo at the top of the chart, perhaps ready for conflict. With the so many planets in the 5th house, we can venture that this is over a creative or love issue. (But then, aren’t most things?) My suggestion to the client was that, while a slash-and-burn approach may feel good, it was not likely to forward the situation, particularly with Venus in direct opposition with Saturn. Rather, it’s probably best for the client to attempt to learn the whole story, which means sorting through a lot of chaotic information (Mercury in Pisces). Which is what she did. And while she wasn’t happy with what she learned, it did teach her a lesson on assuming the reliability of friends.