A client contacted me with a relationship question. She and the young man had been together for about a year when he announced that he wanted out of the relationship. She wanted to know if he would be back. As always, chart and answer can be found below.

So what’s going on? With Capricorn rising, the young woman is signified by Saturn; Cancer on the 7th house makes the Moon the significator of her boyfriend. Saturn (the client) is in Libra, where it’s very strong: she feels good about herself. How does she feel about him? Not that strongly, as the Moon (boyfriend) only has weak strength.

As for him, he loves her (Moon in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn) but is miserable (Moon is in its detriment). Can we venture a guess about the relationship? I would say he feels dominated by her or is not receiving what he needs from her. He wants to, but he doesn’t. Hence, the packed suitcase. And while she is sorrowful about his leaving, the chart suggests her attachment to him is not terribly strong. In fact, the strong role of Venus (in Scorpio!) in the chart, which has rulership over every planet in some way, suggests there is some element of control at play. Perhaps he’s fleeing from that (Moon departing the 1st house, which signifies her). When I wrote all this in my answer, she only replied that “there’s a lot of truth in that”. As for the eventual outcome, she never mentioned it again.