For several months, the client had been fighting suspicions of a mutual attraction between her boyfriend and her best friend. Not an easy position, to be sure, and since there were no incriminating emails, texts, phone messages or lipstick marks on his collar, she wasn’t sure if she was being crazy or that they were being incredibly secretive. So she asked the question, and as always, the chart and answer are below.

The client is symbolized by Jupiter (ruler of the Sagittarius ascendant). Her boyfriend is symbolized by Mercury (ruler of the Gemini descendant). Finally, the friend is symbolized by Mars (ruler of the Scorpio 11th house of friends). Both Mercury (boyfriend) and Mars (friend) have just moved into Taurus, ruled by Venus – LOVE! Or at least, strong attraction. The fact that they are moving away from Jupiter (client) is cause for alarm. In addition, both have moved into the 5th house – PLEASURE.

What’s interesting about the chart is that it’s basically dominated by two planets – Venus and Mars, which have the overt symbolism of man and woman. Whether anything has happened yet between the two is hard to say, but probably not as Mercury has not quite caught up with Mars. Does the client have an option? Confrontation is the obvious one, but the Moon in Scorpio, which also represents the client, has already moved past the opposition to both Mars and Mercury, suggesting that a showdown may be too late. But, as she wrote to me, I can’t not do anything, even if it is too late.

The outcome? My client only said that it was “very painful for them – literally”. Hmmm. Apparently the dark side of Moon in Scorpio – domineering, reckless and unforgiving – made itself felt in the most physical of ways.