With the untimely passing of Donna Summer, I thought it would be interesting to bring up her chart and take a quick look at what we could find in this talented artist. And it jumps very quickly: hard work.

When you examine the chart, the first thing that jumps out is FIVE planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars & Jupiter – in the 5th house of creativity. So it’s a given that there’s going to be an abundance of creativity, but how will it manifest? With Capricorn, an earth sign, on the 5th house, we can expect that this will be an individual who is tireless is their work and their focus. Mercury, which rules both the Ascendant and the Midheaven (career) is strong-voiced in Capricorn, and well supported by all those planets around it.

In addition, both the Sun and Jupiter form strong supportive aspects to the Ascendant, and to Saturn, which is placed there. Once again, we see an enormous amount of concentration and power. Finally, as if the chart is not loaded enough, we find both the Moon and Mercury to be in extreme declination. When we see such personal planets “out-of-bounds” we can expect a high degree of expression, a yearning to break barriers or to reach extremes.

But what about the deep element of fantasy that pervaded her onstage persona? In the chart, we find the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all connected to Neptune, planet of illusion. With Neptune at the midpoint between Sun and Mercury as well as Mercury and Jupiter, we get keyword pictures such as beguiling fantasy, illusion, and imagination.

What’s interesting about Summer is that while she could not maintain the huge degree of popularity that she achieved in the 70’s, she never stopped working, which is not surprising given her strong Capricorn placements. And while she worked, there was a sense of humility and common sense – both very earthy qualities – that never deserted her. As she said at one time, “I don’t keep a press agent because I think people need to have a break from me.”