Relationship questions are not always about the significant other. Often they are about significant ‘others’, meaning friends. Or former friends as the case may be. Here a long-time client had the sneaking suspicion that her friends were possible turning against her. What lead her to this conclusion, I asked. Just a hunch, was her reply. 

The chart for the question gives us Scorpio rising, thus Mars symbolizes my client. A question about a friend is an 11th house issue, so with Libra on the cusp of the 11th, Venus will symbolize the friend in question. Interestingly, both Mars (client) and Venus (friend) are in Scorpio (both are circled). But what a difference: Mars is actually in the 1st house, while Venus is in the 12th house, retrograde, or in other words, moving backwards. The symbolism is fairy clear: the friends are moving away from each other.

So how is the friend behaving? Badly. Venus is in its fall in Scorpio and is further damaged by being retrograde. Placed in the 12th house, it gives suggestions of a hidden enemy. And here’s where the chart becomes even more interesting, as the Sun, Mercury and Saturn are all placed in the 11th house (of friends). Who do these friends like? They like Venus, ruler of Libra. In other words, the friends are in synch with, are ruled by the woman who is working against the client. What kinds of things is this woman saying? Probably unpleasant, Venus in Scorpio types of things, meaning manipulative or cruel or of a sexual nature.

Now, as for how harmful the situation might be, there is a ray of hope: Mars (the client) is strong in Scorpio, thus we can expect she will be able to defend herself more than adequately against the attacks of her former friend. And, from what the client later told me, this turned out to be exactly the case, with the group of friends eventually changing sides again against my client’s tormentor.