Justice may be blind, but not the astrologer! The client with this horary was being sued by a former business partner and wanted to know what her chances looked like. Trial questions are difficult because there can be a lot of nuances, but they also come down to a basic question: which side is stronger?

As they often are in lawsuits, the details were extensive and for our purposes here are not necessary to an examination of the chart, which is shown. 

The client is symbolized by Venus (ruler of the Ascendant, Taurus), here placed in Sagittarius. Her ex-partner is Mars (ruler of the Scorpio 7th house) in the 10th house at the top of the chart. Almost immediately, this does not look good for my client, as Mars is very strong here. The verdict is signified by the ruler of the 4th house (the end of the affair), which is the Moon in Aries, in the 12th house of hidden enemies and sorrow. Finally, the judge is symbolized by the ruler of the 10th house, so here Saturn. While the judge is probably going to be fair (Saturn is strong in Libra – the scales of justice!) it’s also opposed to the Moon.   Given that the client admitted to being a bit unscrupulous in her dealings, I suggested that she attempt to settle out-of-court for less. My client did eventually settle out-of-court for considerably less than the former partner was asking.