A client asked the above question back in August 2009. The chart below was cast and this is the answer provided to her verbatim.

The short answer is: you’re restless and you want to shake things up. Your partner, symbolized by Venus in Cancer, is perhaps a little bit too domestic for your taste right now, although he does seem to be devoted to the relationship. You, symbolized by Mars and Moon both in Gemini, want more variety in the relationship. By variety, I don’t necessarily mean seeing other people but change is needed. If that’s the case then you need to talk it over and figure out what can be done to revive things.”

The client agreed that the chart was pretty accurate, but it was also clear that her dissatisfaction was pretty deep. The next time I heard from her was a year later. She asked for a chart to elect her wedding day – to a different guy, as it turned out. When I asked about the old boyfriend, she wrote: “I needed somebody more adventuresome. And I found him.”