A number of readers sent me comments about last week’s main article “The Mysterious Number 3”. In particular, they were curious about my claim that both the Moon and Ascendant were equal partners with the Sun in a chart. In some later issue, I’ll explain some of the history behind Sun signs, but for right now let’s talk about the Moon.

Consider the following: if, instead of only thinking in terms of a person’s Sun sign, you considered a person’s Sun and Moon sign, the number of possible combinations would leap from 12 to 144 (12 possible Sun signs times 12 possible Moon signs). What that means is that the level of nuance and complexity leap exponentially with the addition of every planet or point, like the Ascendant.

In a chart, the Moon is associated with emotion, both in terms of response and need. In this case, we can think of emotion as relating to what it means to feel right. So, for Moon in Aries what feels right is taking charge, being aggressively responsive, initiating actions or events. Depending on other factors in the chart, this can be the placement of the proverbial “ball of fire”. In contrast, Moon in Pisces feels right by blending with others, by letting others lead, by responding intuitively rather than aggressively.

Looking across all of the 144 potential combinations, we see charts where the Sun/Moon blend is harmonious and leads to easy expression, as well as charts where there is conflict between the two bodies. Having exhausted Angelina Jolie’s chart for its illustrative capacities (and having tested readers patience with my chronic use of Jolie’s horoscope) I’m turning my attention to the chart of Lady Gaga, another woman whose chart shows an extraordinary degree of force.

In Lady Gaga’s chart, we see the Sun in Aries (marked with a triangle) in the 4th house and the Moon in Scorpio (marked with a square) in the 12th house. This is a Sun/Moon blend that strongly suggests issues of power (Aries) and control (Scorpio). In general, when the Moon is placed in a water sign we can expect a high degree of responsiveness to the environment. With the Moon in Scorpio the response is even more intensive than usual and the emotional nature can become secretive, even self-protective. There is a struggle between hiding the emotions and expressing them. With the Moon in Gaga’s chart placed in the 12th house, there is a sense of something deeply unconscious being worked out. The individual may identify with all of society or with the part of society that is oppressed or underserved. What’s important to note here is that this Sun/Moon placement is about intensity. Also consider how aptly the Aries/Scorpio blend describes her: assertive and aggressively visible (Aries), yet private and unknowable (Scorpio). Next week, we’ll add the Ascendant and look at how its position enhances, reflects and mediates the Sun and Moon.