Last week, we looked at a chart of fraternal twins in an attempt to figure out what astrology might be able to see about their differences. This week, we’ll take a look at another chart of twins – these two born within minutes of each – and use a method from Indian, or Vedic astrology, to explore their differences.

While the philosophy behind why this is done is complicated and probably outside the interest of most readers, the actual technique is straightforward. We take the chart of the birth – which is nearly identical as the two were born only minutes apart and use the 11th house cusp – marked with a circle – as the chart of Ashley, the older twin and the 3rd house cusp – marked with a triangle – as the chart of Mary-Kate, the younger one. We then read each, keeping in mind the essential similarities while delineating the differences.

I wish I could tell you that my knowledge and understanding of the Olsen twins was as deep and wide as the Amazon River, but that just ain’t so. I did, however, spend some time looking at some articles about them, trying to get a sense of their differences. A fast read of Ashley’s (the elder) chart, suggests more versatility than her sister, more potential weirdness in regards to relationships and a high potential for creativity. The reasons?

Versatility: Gemini rises in Ashley’s chart, Sun in Gemini, sign of versatility.

Unusual relationships: Uranus in the 7th house (relationships) opposite to the Sun. Saturn (older men) is on the cusp of that house

Creativity: Pisces (art, fashion) on the 10th house of career. Jupiter (expansion, abundance) placed in that 10th house

As for Mary Kate, a similarly quick look gives us a young woman who may be slightly steadier, a little more focused and possibly more serious in her relationships. The reasons?

Steadier: Libra rising, with ruler Venus in home-loving Cancer.

Focused: Mary Kate’s 10th house (profession) is ruled by the Moon in detail-oriented Virgo

Relationships: Taurus on the relationship 7th is ruled by Venus in security conscious Cancer

From what I can gather, Ashley has had a number of high-profile relationships with older men, while that does not seem to be true of Mary Kate. It’s also believed that Ashley is considered more artistic, particularly in regards to fashion than her sister.

What’s particularly important to note here is that on the surface, these differences are not likely to be as pronounced as they appear when written down. Don’t forget: they share the same chart. That said, using this method, Ashley appears to be more restless and eccentric than her sister.

Finally, here’s a question asked by a reader after the first installment of this piece:

“What about twins that were separated and raised far apart? Do you think the similarities would continue or would there be more pronounced differences?”

Great question. My guess is that there would be more pronounced differences given the style and location of their upbringing. Because you have to remember, the qualities of the planets in our charts are not hard as diamonds. Like seeds, they are dependent on local conditions for flourishing. Some planets in signs (like seeds) are hardy, and grow no matter what. Other planets in other signs are more vulnerable. The question of identity and self is a mysterious one.