Here’s a question that comes along quite frequently, in one variation or other. And while there are only two basic answers – either he is or he isn’t – the reason behind the answers is what makes each chart interesting in its own right. What makes this chart particularly unusual, at least to me, is the role of Mercury retrograde, which I’ll discuss below.

With Sagittarius rising, the young woman asking the question is given Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) and the Moon (always the co-ruler of the questioner). The seventh house represents the potential love interest and with Gemini on the cusp of the 7th, that means that Mercury RETROGRADE symbolizes him. While I try to avoid broad generalizations, when I see a person represented by a retrograde planet, I urge a lot of caution, because if you think about it, the planet is essentially vacillating. In this case Mercury is about to move out of Aries, where it’s attracted Mars and into Pisces where it’s attracted to Jupiter (symbolizing the client). While that sounds like good news, it’s not, because Mercury is only going to like Jupiter for a short time, and then it’s going back into Aries, where it likes Mars, who we can assume represents the guy’s true love. Not helping matters is the fact that Jupiter (and Venus, planet of love) are in the 6th house, which is traditionally a house of suffering.

So, not a lot of good news here. Here’s what I wrote back: In regards to your question – is he really interested in me – the answer, unfortunately, not really. He’s recovering from a relationship and a little mixed-up. I’ll go out on a limb and guess that you probably think you’re the answer to his problems (Moon in Pisces can be rather dreamy and prone to illusion). And at some point, he may even think you’re the answer to his problems (once Mercury gets into Pisces, he’ll feel like your soul mates). But I don’t think it’s sustainable. He’s likely to go back to the old relationship – or at the very least, treat a relationship with you as a short-term bandage. At the end of the day, people follow their hearts, but my advice is that you protect your heart. So if you do go forward with him and it falls apart, you will at least have had your eyes open.