In the past we have often looked at Angelina Jolie’s chart as a way to understand and illustrate certain astrological ideas. Why stop now? The word “hot” has been associated with Ms. Jolie’s name so often that it would be shocking, even embarassing not to find it in a workup of her temperament. But, of course, we do. For the record, there many different methods to assess the temperament in a chart. Most of them, in some way or another, use the birth season, the Moon, the Ascendant and sometimes more to figure it out.

Here’s what we have for Jolie:

  Sanguine Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic
Birth Season         X      
Asc Sign             X
Asc Ruler         X    
Moon Sign         X    
Moon Phase             X
Moon Ruler         X    
Chart Ruler         X    
Totals        1       4         2

As we might have expected, Jolie is primarily choleric (hot & dry), with a touch of the phlegmatic (cold & wet). Her greatest success has probaby been in action movies (the Lara Croft franchise, for example), where it’s easy the choleric qualities in action (excuse the pun). While there’s no doubting her sex appeal, it is, at least to me, of a fairly dry nature. Other than her early role in Gita, where she plays an emotionally damaged model, Jolie is not an actress known for her expression of feeling. Where we do see Jolie’s wetness (the phlegmatic quality) is in her lips and that makes sense as well when we consider that Jolie’s Venus (beauty) is on her Ascendant in Cancer, the most phlegmatic of signs.